unipow factory and R&D center

...Unipow is a United Power...

Beijing UniPow Welding Co. Ltd is one of the most famous and professional welding machine manufacturers and exporters in China also we are nominated as a high-tech and high potential company.  We have been working in the welding industry for a over decade, and developing dramatically in the last few years since UniPow stands as an independent brand in the Chinese market.  We currently are one of the largest sales corporations in the inverter welding machines market leading the industry nationally.

An independent R&D center was established in 2009. With 3 PhD's and a few of MSc's with the top class laboratory equipment and huge investment have become our best competitive advantages in the welding industry, which have given significant reinforcement on the hi-tech advantages and quality assurance of every single product from UniPow.

UniPow welding machines are widely used in the electric power, petroleum, petrochemical, ship building, automobiles and vehicles, steel structure and machinery industries. Our services team comprises of professionals with extensive experience in the industry, enabling them to provide sophisticated before and after sales services on a 24/7 basis.

We have been providing welders to fabrication, construction, maintainance services industries. For mutual development, we would like to invite you to our brand -  Together, UniPow(United Power) all over the world!


The company name UniPow is the abbreviation of the English word "United" and "Power", the LOGO is composed by the "United" "Power" initials "U" and "P" while ingenious distorted in to Chinese Character "Restren:It-?.png" which also means " China”. The logo point out that "Unipow" is a Chinese enterprise with great tolerant and propagation force.

The inner of the letter "O" is shaped into sunshine at the meantime the negative background becomes into a welding spark to reflect the business of the welding industry characteristics. The orange color represents strength of companies and great future development of the business.

Over all the LOGO shows that UniPow have been working as both manufacturer and exporter together to build a Chinese owned well-known brand of welding equipments.