Civil Welding Machine

Multiprocess Welder COMBO200
Plasma Cutter

Name:Multi-process ARC Welding machine

Model of product: COMBO200

Offical Price: Base on quantity

Character of product:

1).Dual voltage(110V and 220V)automatic recognize and self-switch over
2).6 function in 1: mma,tig,pulse tig,mig,pulse mig and double pulse mig
3).High frequency arc stating methods for tig welding
4).Alternative wire feeding methods for MIG welding: pull and push
5).IGBT inverter power source and duty cycle up to 35%.
6).The machine configured by menu within LCD(128*64)SCREEN
7).Installed in a build-in wire feeder and it is synergic.
8). 0.8/1.0mm "V" type wire roller for Stainless steel welding and 1.0/1.2mm "U"type wire roller for aluminum welding.


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