Wholesalers Wanted

UniPow has clearly etablished channels to work with global partners for long term. Our development mostly relies on our clients sales achievement and services.

We guarantee a sole agent in the pointed territory to ensure all our distributors’ benefits are greatly protected.  In the last few years we have successfully developed many clients from different countries. UniPow welding as a brand try to bring the best welding machine to every corner of the world. Your participation only makes UniPow stronger and better!! Contact Us Now, to find out the sole agent available in your region.

Join the partnership your benefits will be protected by UniPow.

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6 Reasons

to be with UniPow Welding

  • Every UniPow product is sold with a warranty for the delicate parts used to
    assembled an excellent welding unit-Unipow product.
  • Every welding machine is UniPow, every machine is quality guaranteed.
  • UniPow is a United Power, together UniPow will be all over the world.
  • Year after year, UniPow strives to maintain its Credibility & Reputaion
    over and above simple business.
  • Small and Medium sized companies can grow together with UniPow
  • We don't sell welding machines just for the price. With UniPow we
    sell quality & the best deals.